Instant retail feedback
for your stores

Affordable Mystery Shopping & Retail Execution
Via Our Secret Agent Platform.

Instant Retail Execution & Mystery Shopping Insight from a
Mobile Workforce of Consumers throughout South Africa.

Evaluate customer service and quickly identify & fix key issues at point of sale which relate to the customer journey,
stock or promotional items before they negatively effect your sales by making us of our software.

Create A Campaign

Create a research campaign for mystery shopping, retail execution, store audits or surveys using our campaign builder

Access Our Workforce

Receive instant feedback from our network of mobile fieldworkers who have downloaded the Secret Agent App

Analyse The Feedback

View your research feedback with our easy to understand market research dashboards and identify key issues

Fix Retail Issues

Not only is our data instant, but it is also actionable allowing for quick fixing of issues in retail stores

Agile research software, enabling instant execution of multiple
mobile market research functions at various points of interest.

Run on going campaigns tracking customer service in stores, verify that promotions are being executed as planned
or ask consumers a few quick questions via a mobile or ussd survey and view customer feedback instantly.

Retail Execution

Use our mobile workforce to verify that promotions are being executed correctly at point of sale with the right message.

Promotion Verification

Our mystery shoppers can interact with promotional staff to verify sales pitch and sampling at POS.

Mystery Shopping

Have a look at your customer service levels from customers perspective by using our mystery shoppers.

Photographic Evidence

If you require photographic evidence for events or campaigns, our mobile workforce is an affordable solution.

Price Checks

Audit your product pricing at various points of interest using our mobile workforce to capture data.

Mobile Surveys

Setup a mobile or ussd survey in minutes using our mobile insights & market research platform for your surveys.

Mobile Workers
Stores Visited
Missions Created

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