For a number of years, we have been conducting mystery shopping projects for clients all over South Africa. Our biggest challenge has been to not only provide an efficient service to clients, but to also reward our mystery shoppers in a timely manner.

There is quite a bit of admin that goes into completing a mystery shopper research project. We have to find and train shoppers who are in the same area as the project, then deploy them to locations. After analysing results, we then pay each shopper. This takes time and leads to higher billings to clients to cover the staff costs.

Secret Agent is an exciting platform, not only for Clandestine, but also for our clients and our mystery shoppers. We can now offer a service that is a fraction of the cost of traditional market research, recruit and deploy mystery shoppers instantly based on their location, collect the results using our smartphone apps and pay mystery shoppers straight through the app.

Our new company mission is to not only be an innovative market research agency, but to also be a software company that continues to improve our platform with the aim to provide any business with affordable customer insight.