As of 2013, Clandestine Mystery Shoppers will need to migrate to the Secret Agent App platform in order to access jobs for market research, such as mystery shopping, price checks, surveys and store audits.

The app is made up of 4 main sections: Available Missions, Active Missions, My Profile and Balance.

Available Missions

Missions are market research jobs that you can accept. These missions are sorted by distance and you can find the closest jobs in your area using your phone’s GPS. Click the mission to view more details, once you click accept, the mission is added to your active missions folder with 2 hours or more to complete it.

Active Missions

By starting an active mission, you will be shown a list of tasks to complete. Please note that you need to be in the vicinity of the location to complete the tasks. Tasks include questions, multiple choice, rating scales and taking photos. Once you have completed all the tasks, you will be able to submit your work.


Once your work has been reviewed, you will be paid the given reward onto your phone and it will show up in the Balance section. Please expect between 1 & 4 days for payment.

Money that you earn can be transferred to your bank account or you can use it to buy airtime, electricity or in-store items at selected retailers using the app.


Keep your profile up to date and view mission history in the Profile Section.