Customer loyalty is a rare and valuable thing for a business to earn. It’s also very hard to lose.

Here are a few tips to earn and keep loyal customers:

1. Be unique.

Be better than the rest or offer something no one can. This can help secure entry into the minds of customers.

This added value mentality is what you are after, it can help counter customers from viewing products differently solely based on price.

Having this edge can give your business more time to build a lasting relationship as a trusted business and as a good business partner.

2. Know your customer

When conducting business with a company. It should be you that takes the time to learn how their company operates and what products they offer.

Prove that you get the concept and fit in with the industry and that little bit of effort can secure you respect and loyalty.

3. Add that something extra.

No matter what you’re selling or how better you are. Always add that little bit extra to add more value. Keep building that relationship and stay ahead of the curve.

Being proactive shows that your company is innovative and thinking ahead. By uncovering possible problems before your client can lead to additional business in the future.

4. Do more.

Customer satisfaction is average. You’ve basically done your job well enough to make your client sign-off.

By exceeding your customers expectations, whether it’s a quick call back, meeting deadlines early or adding extras, you can leave a much stronger and lasting impression.